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How to Safe-Proof Your Bathroom!

Staying independent is important to all of us! Unfortunately, local emergency departments see an alarming numbers of injuries related to preventable falls and sometimes even death. Safe-proofing your home should be taken seriously to protect yourself and loved ones at home. Here are some great tips you can incorporate to help safe-proof your home!


Many falls and struggles can be prevented with appropriate seating levels.

There are many safe bathing options available these days, including complete shower kits for all your bathing comfort and safety needs. Contact your local hardware store for details on a variety of options that are available and installers to help you convert your current bathing space. Being safe will help give you the peace of mind to stay independent in your own home.

Article #1: Bedroom

Article #2: Bathroom

Article #3: Living Room & Stairwells

Article #4: Halls & Entryways

Article #5: Kitchen

Safe-proofing is vital for independent living and reduces stresses and worries for everybody in the family! Read our complete series of tips for safe-proofing your home.

Be sure to follow these additional tips for your safety!

  • Avoid standing too quickly; always gather yourself first.
  • Ensure you wear your glasses and make sure they are clean for proper visibility
  • Always have proper indoor and outdoor footwear
  • Keep all items within easy reach
  • Be sure to inform your family doctor if you are experiencing dizziness or blurred vision
  • Keep similar items together in familiar places
  • Falls often occur from not wanting to ask for assistance; be sure to ask for help when you feel you need it. Being safe and preventing falls before they happen is a good way to prevent unnecessary fractures or loss of independence

Choose to be safe! Your independence matters!

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