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Safe-Proof Your Living Room & Stairwells!

Staying independent is important to all of us! Unfortunately, local emergency departments see an alarming numbers of injuries related to preventable falls and sometimes even death. Safe-proofing your home should be taken seriously to protect yourself and loved ones at home. Here are some great tips you can incorporate to help safe-proof your living room and stairwells!

Tripping Hazards: Rugs

Remove any area rugs as they can pose serious tripping hazards.

Tripping Hazards: Loose Carpeting

Be sure to secure any loose carpeting in the home to the floor. Do not leave loose or curled ends anywhere.


Keep pathways clear of any excess furniture, decorative items and or any items that could cause tripping hazards. Power extensions, telephone cords, and clothes / accessories are frequent dangers.

Improve Visibility

Good lighting is necessary to ensure all items, furniture and potential hazards remain visible at all times..

Ensure There Is Enough Lighting

Good lighting is very important to see what you are doing. Keep lighting switches easily accessible with a wide variety of options of lamps and lighting that can be controlled by remote controls. Your local hardware stores will be able to direct you to what options would best suit your needs.

Seating and Transferring

Check seating height of your sofa and living room chairs. If you are finding it difficult to get get up and down, you may want to consider a chair with features that can assist with standing and or sitting very easily with power assisted features. Alternatively, you can find some help by adding furniture blocks (available in various sizes at hardware stores) to increase or decrease the height of furniture. You can simply swap existing legs by using the blocks to adjust your furniture height accordingly. Also consider swapping to taller standard legs that can securely screw into the bottom of a sofa or other furniture if too low. Please ensure that modifications made follow all directions as per the product you purchase, or are done professionally.

Grab Bars

Ceiling tension grab bars (extend from floor to ceiling) can be easily installed anywhere in the home including living rooms to also help to get up and down safely.

Go Wireless

Consider using cordless with telephones and other items to reduce tripping hazards.

Remember, less is more! If you have too much stuff in your living space that you don't use, consider giving items to a loved one or donation. It is very important to keep your home decluttered and safe!


Stairwells are one of the first places that draws concern for individuals with special needs and age concerns. It's important to address every issue before it causes an accident.

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Safe-proofing is vital for independent living and reduces stresses and worries for everybody in the family! Read our complete series of tips for safe-proofing your home.

Be sure to follow these additional tips for your safety!

  • Avoid standing too quickly; always gather yourself first.
  • Ensure you wear your glasses and make sure they are clean for proper visibility
  • Always have proper indoor and outdoor footwear
  • Keep all items within easy reach
  • Be sure to inform your family doctor if you are experiencing dizziness or blurred vision
  • Keep similar items together in familiar places
  • Falls often occur from not wanting to ask for assistance; be sure to ask for help when you feel you need it. Being safe and preventing falls before they happen is a good way to prevent unnecessary fractures or loss of independence

Choose to be safe! Your independence matters!

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