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Why Diets Don't Work On You or Anyone

Diets are simply an ongoing yo-yo effect of weight loss and more weight gained. Learn why you should stop the cycle!

#1. Diets Deprive You

You feel like you simply have less. Diets promote a negative attitude of "I can't!"

#2. Temporary

Diets are temporary. Being "on a diet" always means for a time.

#3. Flip-Flops

When messing with your body's nutrients, it's quick to lose weight, but even quicker to gain more!

#4. Always Hungry, Always Need to Measure

You are never truly satisfied with a diet plan, especially when you're toying with measuring cups to avoid a few calories.

#5. Binge Eating

Sometimes the only way of getting through a diet is picturing eating everything you missed right after! Your body will take in even more fat from this, if you even get to the end of the diet!

#6. Exhaustion

Diets can make you feel tired with limited calories, leading to an all-day slump.

#7. Lack of Nutrition

Many diets boast great weight loss within weeks, but that almost always means your body making great sacrifices to keep you functional. Some diets promote shakes, pills or very particular foods and ingredients that are very costly and not effective for long term affordability or success.

#8. Unrealistic

We always recommend realistic goals, but diets are almost the exact opposite! Real life, full of socializing and change every day, doesn't work with a calorie-by-calorie diet!

#9. Gets Expensive Quickly

Some diets promote their shakes, and others ask you buy very particular foods and ingredients that you don't have time for!

#10. Lackluster Meals

The foods you are supposed to eat, at the end of the rest of the tasks of portioning, preparing and cooking, don't even taste good!

You see the word DIE in diet for a reason! Gaining and losing weight continuously over the years can eventually lead to many preventable health problems. Put a stop to dieting and start making healthy lifestyle changes that are realistic and last a lifetime!

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